Group Study Program

At Trust College, we have always known that students learn best when they are actively involved in the process. Students working in small groups tend to learn more about what is taught in the classroom and retain it longer than when the same content is presented in other instructional formats. And we know from experience that when students feel connected, engaged, and included, they feel more satisfied with their courses. In addition, group work provides students with more “real world” experience, because most of them will indeed be spending much of their working lives in developing projects in groups. Groups also often provide more of a sense of “shared purpose” in a class, which means that students feel a greater sense of dedication to the material. Finally, groups in which students meet with students they might not regularly associate with can provide students with new insights and ways of thinking.

Faculty at Trust College have the opportunity to encourage students to form study groups outside of class. Study groups usually exist after regular routine classes and are created to provide members with support, encouragement, and assistance in completing course requirements and assignments. In addition, study groups also inform their members about lectures and assignments when someone has missed a session. The larger the class and the more complex the subject matter, the more valuable study groups can be.

As our faculty organize or group a team for group study, they keep attention in:

Therefore, the Group Study Program (GSP) in Trust College is where the students are guided by the notions that students can often do as a group what they cannot do by themselves and that students can benefit from peer teaching-explanations, comments and instruction from their fellow mates under supervision of a keen skilled faculty member.

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