Hostel Support

At Trust College, we believe that a residential campus offers a superior environment for academics, hence we always kept hostel support from the birth of the institution. Excellent and facilitative provisions of Hostel accommodation is a major support service for students at Trust College. Moving away from home to study is an exciting time of life for students, as well as the most crucial point for them! There are new friends to be made, new places to discover, new chances to be explored and most importantly new inner self to be emerging. Therefore, to supervise and monitor our students in this dynamic point of their life, every effort has been made at the Hostel to provide the best facilities for them who live here with us. Every of our student has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support.

We have separate hostel facilities for our dear male and female students and we are always conscious to make them feel at home in the rigid boundaries of disciplines, integrity and perseverance. Almost half of our students reside in the Trust College Hostel and house students from Class V through XII.

Parents/Guardians and prospective visitors are welcomed to visit our Hostel facility to get an assurance of our service during our visit hours only.

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