Principal’s Message

Greetings to all viewers!

Welcome to Trust College, an educational institute that focuses on opportunity and achievement, a place where students are encouraged and supported to excel.

It is understood that, nature endowed every child with unique intelligence; our accountability at Trust College is to nurture his talents by providing apt, circumscribing education; which is a systemic volume of courses we learn as we grow in mind and size. The art of providing education is the art of assisting discovery, therefore, at Trust College, we guide a child to develop oneself into the all-round personality ready to take challenges in all future endeavors. Hence, our approach towards education is to bring about a methodical, planned growth of approved human behavior alongside academic excellence, so that a child is able to demonstrate his individuality among the mass.

Here at Trust College, we support a modern approach to personal learning, setting a challenge for all students in our Preschool (PG – KG), Primary (Class I – V), Junior (Class VI – VIII), Secondary School (Class IX – X) and College Section (Class XI – XII) to be ‘the best you can be’ in academic achievement. This is achieved through classroom programs designed in calculating the idea of learning through urban environments, indoor/outdoor academic activities, freelance questioning, experimenting in lab works, cultural attachments, sport performances and many more.

Trust College being the youngest of all educational institutes in the Dhaka Metropolitan area, have earned a prestigious place among the Top 20 Colleges under the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Dhaka for outstanding performances by our students in the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination Result. This not only triggered our wish to give students a fulfillment in education but also to ensure their grooming so that they become responsible for their credentials.

Nevertheless, all the parents/guardians can repose faith in the sincerity of our purpose & dedication. Therefore, I am confident that the students will find their educational experience at Trust College a progressive one.


Bashir Ahmed Bhuiyan
Founder & Principal, Trust College

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