Service Manifesto

The Service Manifesto is a complete package of Trust College’s profile and functioning which is declared and guaranteed for performance by the Founder & Principal of the Institute, Mr Bashir Ahmed Bhuiyan, himself.

Every year, Trust College declares a new service agenda for students-parents/guardians through their Service Manifesto to fill the lacking from the past and help the Institute adapt to the dynamic era, enhancing the core purpose of the Institute. In the quest of providing a flawless education and aware the surrounding of our existence, we request our dear visitors to view the Service Manifesto so that they can get a clear idea of the Institute and its uniqueness before visiting us in person with any verification or claim that may arise.

Service Manifesto (part-1) .pdf

Service Manifesto (part-2) .pdf

Service Manifesto 2016 .pdf

Service Manifesto 2017 .pdf

Service Manifesto 2018 .pdf


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